Blog system – introduction

So far i have read many articles about web application development. So general speaking, i have tools in hand to build a website in no time with less effort. Just need to structure code and deal with business logic.

Here are some:

  1. NHibernate: Deal with DataAccess layer and maybe more.
  2. AJAX data template , deal with binding data into grid, the GUI things
  3. IoC, from Windsor, and Mock from Rhino deal with DI and Unit testing
  4. jQuery to work with JavaScript
  5. NUnit to test my code

That’s quite enough! However i have never interated them in one application at all. That’s why i am going to make a simple web application to demonstrate my understanding.

The web is about a blog site with:

  1. List of categories on the left.
  2. Click on one category, then list out all blogs in that category in short.
  3. Click on one blog item, then the detail is displayed

Assuming that, all data will be added into DB directly. What i want to archive are:

  1. Of course, the system works
  2. Easy to extend, since i will add administrative functions later: Add, Edit, Delete,…
  3. Easy to maintain code.
  4. Apply all the things i have known so far, those i list above.

Along with the development process, i will update my blog. I am sure there will be more fun while doing it, yeah with difficulties as well.

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