Evaluation about SPM course at FMIT

Last month, i got a chance to attend the Soft skills for Project Manager at FMIT institude, sponsor by the company. You can find more here FMIT

It was also the first course i took about those skills. It is hard to find those course in Vietnam. Before taking this, i was afraid of not getting any result. However, Yeah It is.

First, i want to say thank you to the teachers and administrative staffs. They are so nice 🙂 . The teachers are experienced, have strong knowledge. They orginized the class in open, laughing and sharing environment. After a month, all students get acquainted with each other.

Second, the infrastructure, it was not so good however, it was comfortable.

And the third, the materials, always on our hand when we came to the class 🙂

I achieve a lot from the class. It helps me in normal life, the communication with other, the presentation skill, negotiation skill,… It does not take affect immediately, of course. It is like a guiding start when you have problems.

Thank Catglobe for sponsor us!

If you are looking for something similar, i suggest FMIT. Or if you alread took and had bad experience, you can share.

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