Value of 30 morning minutes

Have you ever thought of getting up 30 minutes earlier in the morning? Let’s see the real situation of a working day:

I am supposed to be at work at 7h45, and since i can delay till 8h30 or even later. I just need to fulfill my hour-working day.

Ok, Here was how can i start a day before:

  • 7h: Wake up and try to get up at 7h05.
  • Do personal hygiene and take a wash -> yeah 7h30 already.
  • Dress on and have breakfast

Can you guess what time will be when you done with breakfast? And time to get to work -> You are late. However, that is not a big problem in nowadays. We accept that as the sunshine.

Assuming that you are 30 minutes late at work, then you need to work extra for that part. As a result, you end up with going out the office at about 6h-6h30. Adding time for relaxing, washing, dinner,… how much time do you have left for doing something at night: reading book, article, body exercise, friends…?

So, what happen if you get up at 6h30, GET UP NOT WAKE UP? Here are what i get while applying:

  1. Have more time in the morning, therefore, i do not put myself in leg-on-head situation.
  2. At work on time.
  3. More time in the evening: Out of the office at about 6h, washing, dinner. At 7h, i can take a class or play badminton, or go out with friends.

If anyone has tried, then please tell me your idea or suggestion.

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