30-4 vacation BMT

So great! I have not been on vacation for long time. Usually, when having vacation days, i go to my hometown, staying with my family, It was fine. Thing changed! I took a vacation for 4 days going to Buon Ma Thuat City.

The very first word, i want to say thank you to my friends in Buon Ma Thuat: Van Anh, Her boyfriend, Le Vi, and his friends. They are soooo nice and guide me visiting many places. We really had happy time staying there.

Back to the trip, it took about 7 hours to get there, about 350KM far from HCM city, 150K/person for the ticket. The bus stopped at Bu Dang station for upping your power and toilet as well.

Bu Dang
Bu Dang

After 30 minutes at Bu Dang, Got in the bus and drove straightforward to Buon Ma Thuat city. Even thought, it was a long trip, we did not get tired since sleeping all the time on bus.

Bravo, Welcome to BMT, the first feeling was: the fresh, cool atmostphere. Checked in the hotel, took a rest and started with first day.

Day 1: Buon Don, 40km from Buon Ma Thuat city

We decided to target at Buon Don. My friend, VA with his boyfriend, took us for breakfast and morning coffee. Driving on the road to Buon Don york, suddenly i felt something strange: Hic the after tire broke. No problem, i got the nouvo one from his brother :). From that on, i got it for the left days:


Eventually i got to Buon Don, ticket costs 20/person.

bamboo chain-bridge

The bamboo chain-bridge used to navigate there. Wow, it was a little bit worry for the first time. However, it was exciting :). There were not much sight seeings here. The interesting things were that i knew it and felt like it. It is best for outdoor activity. You can bring food, beer, water or whatever to eat, drink in and enjoy with your friend. Here are some pics taken there:



Here is the food i used and the elephan:


We also went to another place however it was not so exciting. it was peaceful.

Day 2: Draysap waterfall ( DakNong province). About 30km from Buon Ma Thuat city

As normal, we started with breakfast and coffee for a new day. I love coffee so much.

We went to the waterfall with other friends from my friend Vi. We were a group of 9 people on moto bikes.





More will go on with next post.

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