Next PMM course – HPM at FMIT

I just got a good news from the company to join the next course from FMIT – hard skills in project management – HPM. I am really looking forward it since when i was at SPM course, there was a friend, wow a superman really, he took 2 classes at the same time, told me that the course was so greate both in agenda and the lecturer.

The institute promises providing 44 models about project management. It is quite alot really. With the limitation of time in one month, exactly 12  lessions, 3 hours for each. I wonder how can they transfer those knowledge and how do we use them in reality? So, personal thinking, the course requires cooperation alot from the students. And those will make the lession much more interesting.

With the SPM course, it has changed my life, my way a little bit. Now come with the HPM, do it will help me changing my working way? of cource, in better way 🙂

The class will start on 25/05/2009.

Hope i have something to post here after each lession.

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