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Introduction story:

Last night while i was talking with my little sister about her exercise: Making a website to sell old/unused book. She is studying business matter. Wow a good idea! Suddenly i came up with a site doing nearly the same thing. It is for Sharing books. Basically it is quite different since i am not making any business here or gain any money from that action.

Let start with the story. When i was at the university, every semater i spent lots of money on books. Event though the true was not 🙁 since i was not so interested in those books at all. And then when it came over, where those books went? They became garbage; a waste of money. And the cycle begins with new comers. So what can we do? Instead of buying the new ones, we can ask for them with lower price or even free ( if you meet a generous guy).

What is the obstacle in that solution? The communication: how do you know where/who to ask for? Therefore, the site i am going to build is a meant to solve that issue. Of course it needs help from many people especially the ones who have old books.

Let summary the process:

  1. Book owner publishes books into the site.
  2. People needing book go in and search for them.
  3. He, then, contacts with book owner for a deal.
  4. Book owner updates the available number of that book or remove them if out of stock.

Simple 🙂

Version 1.o:

The very first version should be simple and supply enough functionalities: search, upload, manage books. Below are stories in this version. The search GUI should be something like google. As simple as possible.
User stories:
Story 1: Seeking for books
As a normal user who is looking for a book without registered
I want to look for books by name
When i enter the name
Then the system should return to me list of books with having that name in their name and i should know the author as well as the description.
Story 2: Registration is required when uploading book
As a normal user having some books
I want to share or sell to others
When i ask for that task
Then the system requires her/him to register into the system. When done, redirect them to the upload page.
Story 3: Register user
As a normal user
I am required to register in.
Then the system show me form to fill in information: Name(required), Email, Phone, Address(required)


Story 4: Upload book
As a registered user
I want to upload book i have into the site
When i ask for it
Then the system should show me the GUI to allow entering book details: Name, Author, Type, Description, Available amount, Price
Story 5: Display my books
As a registered user
I want to see all books uploaded by myself
When i log in and want to see them
Then the system should list them out
Story 6: Remove books
As a register user
I want to remove some books since they have been bought or free-given
When i am in my display books
Then i should be possible to remove them and they no longer appear in the site.
Story 7: Added/changed book displays immediately
As a registered user
I want to see my added book shown immediately in the list
When i finish adding one book
Then the book should appear immediately on the list.
Story 8: Only me or addministrator can remove/change my books
As a registered user
I try to remove or change info of books which are not mine
Then i have no way to do that.
Story 9: Show total visitor so far and today
As a user goes in the site
I want to know how many people has visited the site so far
When i am in the home page, the page to search books
Then the system shows me that number and the number of today.

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