WWF – Cannot load project type

I as a beginner of Windows Foundation stuffs: Workflow, Communication, Presentation, have first read book about Windows Workflow Foundation: Pro WF Windows Workflow in .NET 3.5, author Bruce Bukivics.

The book easily gets me stuck in reading, so interesting. I finished reading 2 chapters and felt the eager to start on something the book says. The only ways to get things remember while reading is doing something practical: start programming in this case.

Can you guess what did happen when i create an WF project?? My VS2008 said: the syste failed to load this project type. It nearly killed me at a shoot. My normal process will be, ask my friend Google. However thing was not that easy. I spent many hours to look for the solution. Not much luck at that time. However i am lucky today.

The solution is quite simple 🙂 :

  • Open command line for VS, VS -> VS Tools -> Command promp.
  • Run: devenv /setup

Bravo it works, the source of solution can be reached here

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