Do we need code review?

What is the code review? Simple as its name: Do the review after coding done of a project, feature or just a task. At my company, Catglobe Vietnam, we usually do that, and it is a MUST. PM or TL will do that job.

I was surprised once i asked my friends: How was that going in your company? Got the same answer: No we did not do that stuffs. The first thought came up in my head was that the company is an outsourcing and they do not care much about the quality of code, just passing test is enough to hand over to the client. However, not only that kind of company; company owned the code, call code base, also does the same thing.

How can they build up a good software without reviewing the quality of code, coding style,… ? Being asked that question, they said that: out of resource.

I wonder how many companies really take  care of code review while developing???

Maybe an idea of a code review company ….

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  • Yeah it seems you have long list of big customer 🙂 Just a funny question for you: Did you review the code of the software??

    The idea of your software is so great!

  • Thankfully, there are a large number of organizations that care enough about code quality to include code review as part of developing software. Just take a look at the customer list for our product (and for other commercial and also for open source code review tools).

    Having said that, there are still a large number of software developers who do *not* review code on a regular basis. That’s why we wrote a book on the topic and called it “Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review” –

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