First thoughts about 70-536

I have been more than 3 years after school in software development, major in web development. Most of the time dealing with business logic. And i have been reading lots of articles, books about TDD, DDD, Design Pattern and other programming methodologies.

It has been good as it has since nowadays we are dealing with solving the business needs and logic.

And one day, i decided to start training kits from MS to get MCTS certificate. Getting into the book designed for foundation knowledge i was so surprised: Too many things i really do not know, or aware of.

Here are some thoughts about reading it:

Firstly, reading that book is quite interesting and useful. However to remember them is not an easy task. It reminds me the time of being at high school 🙂 And, of course, there are some chapters i am not interested in like: Graphics, Installing and Configuring Applications, … Why? How often will i use them?

Secondly, It makes me confuse of what i should focus on. Not exactly that but quite pretty much. The thing is that i am lacking of real practical reason of remembering them. Whereas i can google for it.

Btw, i am going to finish the very first exam. So, any advices please let me know.

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