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I am not really a freelancer or finding some projects outside. However sometimes i have got some requests from my friends or relatives. Usually they’ve come up with simple idea: asking me to build a website for them. Discussing some core features and then asked me for a price. How can i point out a price with just a bit detail? Yeah i was put in a hole. I wrote them out a bit clearer and then told them a cost for those.

Wow simple as it was. However, here were the customer characteristics came in. They said: OK we forget the price sine it is done. You know what’s next? They slowly came up with new small things, extension of the big picture before.

The devil came to play here. I was not working in contract with them, just in relationship. How can you refuse just a little thing. A little thing, a little thing, …. and then you got a BIG thing 🙁

The day tomorrow, they sent me an email telling all what they wanted, of course, the same price. I could not say a word, well shorted order of more than 10 features. Of course, i sent them what we all agreed the previous day. Surely i got some excuses from them. However i knew the truth behind that scene.

Price and quality go together. They know that, but in negotiation, they try to ignore the quality first, do not mention about it to get a lower price. When the price is fixed, yeah quality comes to play.


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  • U, i know what you mean, i just wrote them down here to remind me that: Everything should be documented.
    Can do the project to get some others, but this one was not worth for that and the potential of OTHERS is so low.
    Thanks for your advice 🙂

  • This a highly valuable experience. Say them “Cheapest is dearest”. Almost business come from relationships, work with relationship is really difficult, but work with non-relationship is more difficult, have to gulp back our tears just to earn a little money but more important is to start new relationship for new businesses…

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