Deletion consideration

I have been working with ASP.NET for nearly 3,5 years in my company. However, i have not been using so much ASP.NET controls and other stuffs from that. My company, Catglobe Vietnam, has been built such a wonderful framework. Basically speaking, we do not need to care so much about controls and some pure ASP.NET stuffs, since we have had process for doing this. We focus much more on business logic.

Then one day, i decided to build a simple ASP.NET application, which purely uses ASP.NET stuffs. Things came a little bit for a first while. Eventually everything has been going well so far. I am going to post something about them later.

Now then, i came to a decision about deletion of an object. Let’s say a Category object, which contains Products, SubCategories.

So the category page as below:


So, what would happen when the button “Xóa” is clicked on each product?

Basically i had 2 options here:

  1. Process the deletion inside this page, which confirm the user and then post back to server
  2. Redirect it to another page which will take care of delete action.

( we can forget about how to delete an object since it is not the point here)

#1: We have limit information for user to see before he actually makes the decision.

#2: With the deletion page, we can show as many information as we want, with some more text confirm and warning them about the action. Furthermore, later point of time, when we decide to change the logic, information of deletion, we can easily archive it.

So, i came up with this page:


See, you have a certain amount of information you want to show to user.

Delete is quite serious action we always have to pay attention on.

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