First 2 days at XnHotels Company

Moving to a new company always brings to you new things, new experience and something you were not familiar with before. I have been in my new company, XnHotels, for 2 days. Should be interesting to write down what have been going on and some first impression.

It is smaller then my previous one, thus, lacking of guys, called system admin, to take care of computer thing: setup, installing required software. Yeah, it is a chance for me to do it all. I had not done it before. I now get familiar with VMWare, setting up the new laptop given to me.

People here are very friendly. It takes me no time to talk with them and laugh each other. We are now can enjoy work and fun together. Quite fast and nice, i guess.

I am now working as developer, before i was a Technical Manager. No problem with that! It is just  a matter of title. I care most about what i can do and what i can gain on that position. There are about 10 peoples working together here. Some do sale business, some take care of reporting, using the existing one. And there are a few actually doing coding.

My team consists of 3 people, 2 developers and 1 designer. We get requirements and instruction from Manager in US and one manager here.

So far so good. Welcome me to XnHotels!

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