Main Screen consideration

As purpose of my application: I want to make an application to input word definition, work like input words into dictionary. And also want to see
word definition picked up randomly in some criteria: Like category, dictionary.
So the question is what the main screen should look like?

Obviously, the most common actions will be:

  1. Adding words
  2. Displaying random words
  3. Might want to search for some words
  4. Then come to category, dictionary management

Still thinking ….
After a while, i decided to have these things in the main view, i will use View instead of Screen.
As every software has, it has Logo and menu.

  1. Place to add new word directly.
  2. Place to display random words.
  3. A set of commands to be called from main view, like: create new word, edit word, create new dictionary, create new category,
  4. Ability to search word by keyword, and call up an advanced search

Based on those stuffs, i can come up with building MainModelView class. Quite simple, just contains all information needed to display in View. Remember that, we are in MVVM model, so the ModelView only contains data NOT any specific GUI implementation.

(I will put code here when i finish )

From the specification above, i come up with 2 user controls:

  1. User control for adding new word
  2. User control for displaying random words

One thing lefts, how to position them in main view?

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