Step into hospitality business

Sound like weird, right? Since i am a developer, building software. Being at Xnhotel for more a week already. After some days getting familiar with people and setting up stuffs, i have been starting discussion with the team and our PM about the new software: Central Reservation System, CRS.

I got some raw explanation before, and my first thought was that it is quite simple. However, within 2 days meeting, our PM went in more detail -> surprise me. The business rule of hotel, reservation exactly is soooo complex, so many scenarios.

In summary, i have 2 obstacles:

  1. I do not know about hotel reservation, and according to what i have gotten so far, i have not made any booking.
  2. Languages: Vocabulary using in hospitality.

I also admit that, this is the first time i get involved in a development from scratch, understanding business rules, write down document for requirements. Of course, i do not do all that stuffs. I am participating in that job. Quite nice and interested in.

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