datePicker and multi month picker

I have a need to build a kind of booking system, reservation system. Which related to start date and end date of staying. Then i rushed on google for date picker component. Which was quite easy task. There are plenty of them out there.

However, then i considered of what would make user in hospitality easy to work with date chosen? Considering you are looking for a hotel for you holiday, then what would be your starting day and how long will you stay? Mostly, you plan about 15days or 1 month ahead, and about 15 max staying day. OK then, how are we going to help them? traveler and Res Officer.

Then i came up with looking for multi months view at the same time. So can choose this month or next month at one shot. Check out the link below:
Interesting page about datePicker

You will find all your needs about datetime stuffs.

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