Mobifone service

I have just gotten a new really nice phone: Milestone. It is more than a phone to me. I consider it as a simple computer with access to the internet whenever possible. Currently, there are many places having wireless; Coffee shop, at work, and many more. However, there are the cases wireless is not available. That is when 3G takes in place.

I then went in to my supplier website: to check the service. I have been registered the service automatically without any notice from the supplier. That was not really a good thing from the supplier. However, it is fine to me. I just got a bit surprised. Next thing was I need to find out how to register the service package.

Over the web, I found out the online service. Clicking on it, a new window opened, took me to the conversion with the service agent in form of chat. I was very impressive with it. Really nice!

Here how the window looks like:

mobifone service

Personal speaking, this is the first time i got the service like that from Vietnamese supplier. I hope there will be more and more supplier doing the same thing. Mostly they are there without doing anything.

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