From the beginning of the year, i have had some unhappy issues, events. They were related to my relatives, relationship and personal life and feeling as well. Honestly speaking, i might come from my thinking. I usually say that everything comes from your head. It depends on you, you control it. However, life does not run that way.

From the basic point of view; or from other view; i have a perfect life so far. I have a great family, a nice little sister ( who is an independent girl now 🙂 ), a nice and beautiful lover, and a job. I also run social activities such as kick-boxing, badminton, billiards, drinking, hanging out with friends,…. yeah quite a lot and interesting enough for a man.

It seems so perfect that also caused the trouble 🙁 . Behind the scene there is always a pain. I want to note them out here. However, it is better to keep inside since i am bit afraid :P. During that period, i came out with some solutions. They were aimed at slowing down my life’s speed a bit. I have tried to stay away from the crowd such as drinking, “money” billiards, doing houseworks. Yeah it worked for a while. And then people are just human – being. I was back in those crowds for sometimes. “Breaking the rule is always a trouble”, i got it from “transporter movie”.

Pressure is the way to grow up, and sometime is a killing tool. I have things in my mind and also plan to do it. Now what i really need is time and do stuffs slowly.

Time to do what i am not usually doing!

A simple thing is waking up early in the morning: i will have a better time to have breakfast, drinking coffee with a cigarette, picking up some English words from dictionary or any sources, and then going to work. Can you figure out how many thing you must do to archive that simple thing?

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