Wow quite a long time i have not touched my blog. I is a bit hard to start writing something now. These days i have made so many changes myself in variety of subjects.

It started with my personal problem. I had many free time after work. And mostly i spent it in drinking, hanging around with friends. Not a big deal actually since i am not a drunk. However, when i sat down and though ahead about the way i will go, about my future. It came down a big problem when looking things at detail. Let’s me point out the things that i have known for long time without taking any action.

Whenever i came out, i spent money. And usually i came home late. It terribly affected my health, made me tired the day after. My family, my lover felt sad about me … And obviously i had a dark future in front even thought i have a quite good salary. I can live with that amount of salary WITHOUT ANY SAVINGS.

I started to solve my problem by reading books. I looked for any kinds of books i can read: novel, best seller books. The 2 first books i got were: How to spend money and The way of managing money and properties of Isrealite. And they totally changed the way i think. It is long to list out here šŸ™‚

Based on the book, i planed for my daily life; keep the penny in a separated place at the end of the day. I also planed ahead for 6 months. Now things get so much easier to me. I really think that i can plan my life and make it happen as i want.

Beside those personal stuffs, i have a #1 girlfriend which will be my wife in next year. We are planing together for the wedding. From now on, my plan means that OUR plan šŸ™‚ I am so proud of her.


This post is a way to get me back to my blog. I have listed out many things i will do. And of course, i will blog them. šŸ™‚

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