Is it funny?

Yesterday, i posted a note about: regular drinking rules on facebook. It is about things i should do to have a fun drinking party and also keep my life healthy.

In the morning, i have gotten many comments; especially many of them were not positive. I was quite a bit of shock since they thought that it was bullshit and the original reason i did that was of my girlfriend asked me to do. The truth is that i came from my idea and she had no idea about the note.

After a while, as i read in a book, there is a space between fact and reaction, i feel sorry for those who made those comments. Instead of replying them non-politely, i replied with polite comments and think about who they are and where they come from.

I realize that when you post something in facebook. If the content is about funny or bad luck or feeling sorry about yourself, then you get many positive, fun feedbacks from community. Else you get not nice ones.

Are they really thinking as what they wrote? or are they showing off a fake face?

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