Xobni – a must-have for outlook

Yesterday, my colleague introduced my this tool: Xobni. It is a tool to manage your inbox. For each contact, when you click on an email sent to you, it will show detail of:

  1. All emails sent by that user; in term of summary. That way you can have an overview of email-conversation between you and the sender.
  2. How many attachments sent by that user; with a list of attachments. Now getting an attachment from that user is a piece of cake.
  3. You also can have an overview of his network; how many links; how many appointment you have so far with him/her.

For all its functionalities, please go to the website:Xobni. You can get a free version for the basic functionalities.

After installed, it takes a few minutes to index all your inbox; including all folder in your mail box. The indexing also tells you who is the most active contact with your; ranking you contact based on the number of mails you got from that contact. The indexing service is running all the background; therefore it does not block your outlook while indexing next time.

Check it out yourself if you are using outlook for everyday email-conversation.

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