Azure Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Online

Last week, I had a project which uses Visual Studio Online and deploys the services to Azure cloud service. The deploy structure of the project is that, we have 3 versions: Test, Demo and Production. They all share the same codebase, just different in the configuration file.

Following this article will easily setup the integration between Azure service and Visual Studio Online. However, as a newbie in this Azure, Deploy world I had trouble with making it work. Simply, the build was ok but the deployment was not. After some tries, I finally managed to make it work. Someone out there might have the same issue, or fighting with getting it work. I post my experience here, so hope It helps.

Have a look at this link (Image):

In Deployment setting:

  1. Path to Deployment Setting: Path to the Publish profile you have when you created the Deployment Azure project
  2. Window Azure Deployment Environment: Auto filled when Azure cloud service and Visual Studio Online link together.

In Build section:

Make sure you point to the solution file. The solution file must contains ONE Azure Deploy project only. It seems not possible to deploy to 3 Azure Cloud Services in one single solution file. So I just made one for each.

Another notice: make sure the deployment project references ONLY to the Azure Role project.

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