Get started – again

It has been a while I have not written anything. And I almost forgot that I do have a blog. Fortunately, from this August, I set some big goals for my life, targeting in next 2 years. As I learn from “Getting things done”, I better write them down and get started. Goals are not goals without writing them down.

Here they are:

  1. Work for 180-200 hours per month
  2. Running 5 KM within 30 minutes
  3. Spend time with my family – this is always a priority for me
  4. Improve English – just by writing blog is a good way and a good start
  5. Quit smoking completely (I have done this at the time of writing, I have not smoked for 3 weeks)

I love drinking and I love hanging around with friends. To archive those goals, things will have a slightly change. I need time and power for my week days. Therefore, here are rules:

  1. No drinking in the week days, except: wedding party
  2. Drink only on Friday, Saturday nights
  3. Avoid drink on Sunday (can drink but not much). The purpose is to have energy for next week.

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