Things i should pay attention and improve immediately

There are so many tittle but important things that I have not paid any attention to for 30 years. For the past couple of months, I started reading more books about self-improvement, and due to the fact that I am father of my daughter, and I want to be a good father, a good husband. I started to look around for improvement.

In this post, I will just list out all the things I want to improve. And for each section, I plan to write many posts about it.

Personal lifestyle

  1. Keep on gym exercise, focus a lot on running
  2. Improve sitting posture. I am a developer but I created a very bad posture which hurts me a lot in long term
  3. Read more book


  1. Expand knowledge to other area such as: Node.js, ReactiveUI, ReactiveX (Rx). Can be anything, will design later
  2. Focus time for business, work smart and hard with 180-200 hours/month


It is the most important thing. I place it last since I do not want to change it or to emphasize it. It is a fact. I always want to create a fun – healthy – wealthy family. All my goals, my plan, my to-do are for it.

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