What will I teach my children about the job?


Just that simple!

But why? why do you teach them the things that should be a common sense/ common knowledge?

Because, I started to realize that NOT many people actually love their job, or even respect the job they are doing. Usually I heard this when asking them about the job:

  1. It would be better if i am a singer, it would be better if i do other job. The job that someone get a very well-paid
  2. I would do better if I get more salary. If the boss is fair
  3. I would … If

You get the point. I do not say that everyone says that. Just the fact that i met some of them. And actually quite a lot in IT industry. Therefore, I want to make sure I have the right mindset to teach my children.

Here are what I think about the job and why I love, respect it:

  1. I spent 16 years studying to have the job (12 years at high school + 4 years at the university). Therefore, I respect, love what i have been doing in that 16 years.
  2. The job helps me pay my bills, allows me to buy food, water, beer, … all the necessaries stuff for a living
  3. It helps me foster my family, my children
  4. It gives the feeling that: I am alive, I am a human. I create things everyday.
  5. Without a job, I am nothing, no job, no money, no thing.

Some people said: hey what are you talking about?


My response:


Did you remember when you love someone? did you tell them:

I will love you IF …

There are more in though about this topic in my mind. But it is enough for a morning 🙂 Someday, I hope my children will read this post 🙂

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