Scrum Gathering 2015

I had a chance to attend the first Scrum Gathering 2015 in Vietnam. It was the first time of many things – more detail later. The event was about Agile/Scrum. Therefore, before I talk about my personal impression and feeling, you should clearly state about my background of Agile/Scrum:


I have been coding for long time and have been reading and applying (kind of) for quite a while. However, I am not applying Agile/Scrum as the scrum materials.

And I was not going to the event to learn Agile/Scrum either. I went because:

  1. It was an international event, speakers are well known – or at least I heard about them
  2. I have not ever been in any community conference
  3. Mind open: See how they are doing out there
  4. Meet new people

So, what did i feel? I felt good (event I had sickness that day 🙁 ). I felt involved. I met people from different countries, with different job titles. They were talking a lot about agile, about scrum, about processes, … They are truly professional. And I felt “LOST” in the beginning. I did not know how and where to get started. However, very quickly the community atmosphere helped me get started

Hey, man, you are here for a reason. Let’s open and talk to people

And I started to talk. Things just kept going as it should be.

However, there was one problem:

I do not know what to ask speaker

That was when I realized that I have many things to learn. I might write more about that in some later posts.

Next are some of the thoughts i had during the event, especially when people asked speaker of how to solve this issue, that issue, …

I started to think: Hey, wait a second! They focus a lot on this phase: Scrum welcomes changes. So they expect scrum to give them the tool to deal with changes from client/customer. And we also have the same philosophy in coding. We are as developer/architect told to design/code in such a way that: you can deal with requirement changes easily or less costly.

No one mentioned about that in the event 🙁 And when i mentioned about that in the discussion. They seems to ignore that, and show the gesture that: Yeah, we know and just move on with their discussion.

Everything comes to code, btw 🙂

PS: I had many things in my head after the event. However, the Mr. Bacteria knocked me down. Therefore, those are information that left in my head. I want to write them down before they’ve gone 😛

PS2: I will join this event next year for sure 🙂

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