Value and output

For the past of 1-2 years, my life philosophy has changed. Let’s forget about the past of how i was. I will  focus on the present and the future I want to be:


Let’s talk about VALUE. It came from this valuable statement of Jim Rohn:

We get paid for bringing value to the market place

Jim Rohn quote

Everyone has his/her own value. And that value is evaluated by the market you are in. In my field, it is IT industry. Why do I talk about value here and now? Well, there are some:

  1. Because, I want to remind myself about “VALUE”. Therefore I am always aware of improving my value if I want to get more.
  2. Because, VALUE is the only thing you should put in the table when discussing your opportunity and your price.
  3. Because, you should give your price base on your VALUE.
  4. Because, you should NOT give your price base on your age. You are not get paid for your age or for your being old. NO NO, it does not work like that
  5. Because, I want to help people around me aware of the term “VALUE” and help them improve their VALUES.

For more, I suggest you listen to this life changing video

How about “OUTPUT”? What is it about? It is about your delivery:

Deliver result

I usually tell people that about my theory of this:

  1. You think you know 100 things
  2. When ask you to TALK about them, you can express using your speaking language 60-70 things out of 100
  3. When ask you to WRITE about them, you can write just about 30-40 out of 100
  4. When ask you to DO, you can do around 10 out of 100
  5. And you might DELIVER 1-3 out of 10 done

And many people I know (just the one i know, i do not speak in general) stop at step #1 and they think they have that value. Here is the phase:

I think I am good and I deserve better

And here is what I (will) reply:

OK. Wonderful, can you show me your delivery (output)?

Well, most of the cases, you know the result of the conversation.

So, my friends, if you are in such a conversation, make sure next time you will: Hey wait a minute, here are my deliveries 🙂 And you have a strong evidences on the table for the deal/discussion.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

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