Oh New Year, Again! Let’s Make Wishes

New year alway comes. I guarantee you. Welcome to another Lunar New Year. Everyone makes wishes. They wish for themselves, for their family, for their relatives. Everyone has good intention.

Yes! I do. I make wishes every new year. Actually, some years ago, I had made vows. Kind of

  1. I vowed I will quite smoking
  2. I vowed I will drink less
  3. I vowed I will save money
  4. I vowed
  5. …….

I just forgot one important vow:

I vow I will make the same vows again, next new year

I am not saying that process is good or bad. I just wonder why I did that again and again. I know some people do the same thing.

So, let’s explore some theories behind this question

Why do people make vows every new year?

No Cost

You do not have to pay anything for your wishes/vows. And if you do not say it out loud, you are safe. No one knows.

Feel Better

Oh God, It is TET (our Vietnamese name for Lunar New Year). TET is the time for parties with beer, food, hanging around with friends. I might feel better if I make some promises to myself. Kind of, Well, it is ok to relax. I will be a better person after TET.

Make up for a Bad Year

Sometimes, I screw up with the current year. And there is a feeling of “nothing can be done this year”. I just let it go and make a promise for the next.

Screw up and Wish for a better one without taking any action. That’s kind of thing!

High Emotion

People are happy when TET (except some special circumstances). Happy people make promises. They believe in a bright future.

Think about your childhood, if you want to ask parents for money, you know when to ask. Of course, when they are happy šŸ™‚

What happens after TET?


Nothing happens! Period.

People come back to their real life. Fight for a living. Have some more parties. … And then finally they realize:

Oh Shit! TET is coming. There is no time for me in this year.

The cycle begins.

Ok. Enough talking! What should we do instead?

This year (2017), I decided to do

  1. Have a list of small things to do.
  2. Make a small plan for them
  3. Start them immediately (Write this post is a part of the actions). Take action!
  4. Have a good time in TET with beer, food, visit parents, relatives, friends, …
  5. Back to work immediately after TET.

My friends, maybe it is the time for you to reconsider what you have been doing for years. No matter what actions you take, they are yours. And you are always right with your decisions.

Everything has its cost.

The cost of a wish is the time.

Happy Lunar New Year! Beer Up.

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