Become a Better Developer

Once upon a time, I asked myself and was asked this simple question

How to become a better developer? Becoming a better developer means will get better salary ($$$$)

Right Question?

Here is the fact. If you want to become a better developer, you have to keep learning new skills, master your old skills, … The list of what you should/could/will learn go on forever. Technologies change daily.

If you ask Google: Google, Google on the net ….

How To Become Better Developer
How To Become A Better Developer Google Answered

What if we forgot to ask the first right question?

Better Questions

Do you really want to become a better developer? What are you willing to pay to be a better developer?

Sounds like silly questions. Because many will quickly answer: Yes, of course.

Oh Really? Are you serious?

I do not expect to see a silent moment. But I am serious to ask you “are you serious?”

You got to be serious, man! You cannot get better if you are not serious. Technologies are tools. They are there to help you accomplish your dream, your intention. Therefore, please do not blame the technologies: Hey, they change so fast, I cannot keep up …. Those are excuses, not solutions.

Yes. I am Serious

If no, then the rest of the post is not important to you. Thank you for your time to read.

When you are serious, you should be able to repeat this sentence many times (as many times as possible)

I want to become a better developer. I am serious.

Repetition is the key. It reminds you your intention and you are serious.


One moves nowhere without commitments.

  1. I will not write crappy code
  2. I will not write crappy code
  3. I will not write crappy code

Whenever you write a single line of code, repeat your commitment. It is very simple.


Here are my favorite wisdom from Mr. Jim Rohn

It is easy to do. It is also easy not to do.

Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

If you have not tried, give it a chance now. Just give a trial of a week. It costs you nothing, right? You do not have to tell anyone.

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