Challenge 30 Days of Non-Alcohol

Drinking is one of my hobby. I love drinking with friends. For the past 10 years, I have been drinking at least weekly. It brings both joy and pain. Joy when I drink, pain the days after. No matter what I still love it.

I have had many terrible hangover days. Each time, I swore to make something different.

Welcome to my biggest challenge:

30 days without alcohol. No exception!


Experiment! Challenge! The joy of discipline.

I want to optimize my time. Hangover costs too much.

I want to know how my life goes without me spending time on drinking. I want to feel the pain, resistance of discipline. I want to enjoy the winning.

I want them all.

You know nothing unless you try. To win, you have to challenge yourself, have to take action.

What If

What if you fail, my inner voice asks? I do not know. I have to try and make sure I will not fail. If fail, I will start over again. Never give up!

What if after 30 days you drink 30 days to make up the lost? I do not know. But I am sure I am smarter than that.

No matter “what if”, I start it and follow it. In the end, I will feel better. That, I do know!

What if” is the question that hold you back. To overcome it, I simply say: I do not care, I do not know.

Who With Me?

My friends, you have your own desires. Why don’t you give them a trial of 30 days?

At the end of 30th, you will have something to say

  1. Yeah. I made it
  2. Hmm. I fail. Will start it again
  3. Oh. I did nothing. I just spent 30 days out of my life

We all suffer from 2 things the joy of disciplines or the pain of regrets – Jim Rohn.

Let’s get started! Get the job done!

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