50 USD Or Free

The Story

It came from this concern, hanging around in my head.

What is my value in the marketplace?

I have a job. I do not seek for another company. However, I am constantly looking for ways to be a better of me.

Keep thinking and asking myself is not a good solution. Why? Nothing happens unless you take actions.

The Service

I will offer my services for a price of 50USD per hour if you think I deserve that price. Otherwise, you get my services for free.

Since I have a full-time job. I will do my services mostly during the weekend or some specific timeframe during the day.

How does it work?

  1. Contact me with a task, project, or stuff you want me to do. (please look at the “What I Can Do” section).
  2. You will tell me how many hours you expect.
  3. I will do my best to finish the job.
  4. I will send the result with total hours spent to you.
  5. You will decide to pay me or not.
  6. If you think I’ve done a wonderful job, I say thank you and get the money.
  7. If not, then you get my service for free.
  8. If you are kind enough, please tell me how much I deserve, so I can improve next time.

Each assignment (package) will range from 3 hours – 10 hours. If you have a big bucket, we will split it. The smaller the package, the quicker the feedback/result.

How Can I Trust You?

No, you cannot. I cannot tell you that you should/must trust me. I try my best to earn your trust. Trust is earned not told.

Trust is earned not told/given.

To build trust and start a business, please send me an email: anhduc.thai@gmail.com

What I Can Do


I have spent most of my time living with .NET stack. I am specialized in Web, WPF, C#. As far as C# concern, I am in. Here are a few things I can do

  1. I can write code
  2. I can write better code
  3. I can write maintainable code
  4. I can refactor legacy codebase
  5. I can Architect + Design

Training and Consultant

  1. I can train a group of developers from junior to senior.
  2. I can consult on architecture decision.
  3. I can mentor developers.
  4. I can motivate/build teams.

Chitchat + Discussion

Oh! Of course, I can talk, I can write. Therefore, I would love to chat or take part in a discussion.

I am Serious

Life is serious. Business is serious. So am I. I am not expecting the result immediately or soon. But I have a faith that my first client will come.

Thai Anh Duc,

April 6th, 2017.

First client: ……………………On …………………..



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