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Information lost! During my learning, working, or solving problems, I visited my articles, authors, blogs, videos, … The problem was that they will be lost after a short period of time. If I want to read them again or share with my friends, I have to dig deep into my memory (which often failed to remember). And then I have to ask Google.

This is a central place for me to keep them. It will save my memory. And I hope it benefits visitors to this blog/page.


Azure Design and Architecture

Microservices by Charles Richardson

Chander DHall


Part 1: Cloud Architecture and the Single Responsibility Principle


Mr. Jim Rohn

My most favorite author Mr. Jim Rohn. His quotes

Brainy Quote

Wow 4 U

Success Magazine

Personal Development


Success – Personal Development


Scott Hanselman

Zoran (Coding Helmet)

Jimmy Bogard

Joel on Software

Coding Horror

Recommended Learning Resources

Pluralsight : The best investment for your developer life.

Wiki Diff: Find the difference between things, such as these 2 words: Devil vs Evil

Fun Stuff

Find People


Net Memory Management Basics

ASP.NET WebAPI Exception Handling


BDD and DDD from Dan North

Building a Desktop To-Do Application with NHibernate

Building a Desktop To-Do Application with NHibernate – Part 2

MVVM – From Microsoft

Quite interesting tutorial about WPF

Building Distributed Apps with NHibernate and Rhino Service Bus

Parallel Programming

Optimize Managed Code For Multi-Core Machines – On MSDN

Queue another team build when one team build succeeds

Queue another team build when one team build succeeds 2013

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