Monthly archives: November, 2009

The daily 5 minutes

Found this interesting blogs post about: Daily 5 minutes, D5M. learning to listen with d5m beside d5m, the site contains so many useful posts about leading and management. And there are something with: management with Aloha Coaching, not check it out yet. Management with Aloha Coaching Should be interesting posts for reading ahead.

Sad day

Today, i got offer from a company i took the test and passed. It seems there would be a great day. However, i feel sad. I aware of my decision. But how to be happy when i am going to say goodbye with my dear colleague and company. There are so much memory here: Catglobe …

Some words

Time passed, things have changed, some issues come up, … I am getting tired and a little bit bored. Everything seems to be fine however i am lacking of enthusiasm. I am going to change it. Not sure it’s better or worse.

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