Monthly archives: August, 2017

The Story of Bug Hunting in Production

BUGS COME AND GO. DEVELOPERS STAY! Production bugs mean you cannot debug line by line; even worse that cannot reproduce them. The other days, I got one of them. We know when it happened by a screenshot reported by the client. After a day hunting the bug, I finally found out the root cause. Once …

2 Minutes and 5 Seconds Rules

In the internet age, productivity becomes a key factor to our success. One of a big problem we face is the flood of information. There is, just, too much to consume every single second. People do not have much problem accessing knowledge. Knowledge is free. Within some minutes asking google, one can find almost anything …

Code That Embraces Changes

Developers write code. They write code for specific functionalities, with requirements from clients (customers, bosses, leaders,…). When requirements come, they know what to do; know what code to write. In the world of business applications, the implementation is not a big deal. The story might be different if we write code for embedded systems using …

Why Do We Have Bugs in the Software?

M: Why? How did they escape? D: Well, it is a part of the game. M: When will it end? D: Hmm, when noone uses the software. M: Oops! That is not good. How to win the game? D: Easy boss. Keep the game going. Hurray! You are a genius. Happy bug fixing 🙂

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