Little saving cash – interesting

9 months ago, i decided to put some money for saving. At that time i just wanted to do something different as usual i did. So i put aside 4 millions VND in a bank account – a nice started. The account should have been updated for every month. However, that was the only and last time i put money in πŸ™ . In programming, we call it: Fire and Forget.

9 months later; which is now; i have a small problem with money. I need money for a trip with my girlfriend’s company. I could borrow from friends or got it from my credit card as i did before. When considering the solutions, that bank saving came back to my mind. I decided to go to the bank and asked for my money. Surprisingly, i have 4 millions 3 thousands and 24 VND. Yeah i am happy. And the most important thing is that i feel the power of those small saving.

A bit of fact is that many people do the same thing for long long time ago, except me πŸ™ . That idea is now coming in my mind. Obviously i know how to use it and make it better.

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