2017 Retrospective

2017 was finished. It is worth to spend some hours looking back on how I spent the year. The main objectives are what I have done well, what improvements I should do in 2018. I will not look at the past to judge whether it is good or bad. There is no value in that judgment thinking.

First, let’s start with what I started at the beginning of 2017. This facebook timeline reminded me

2017 Keyword: SOW
2017 Keyword: SOW

Back in time, I had no idea what I should sow whatsoever. I just knew that I had to start somewhere. The SOW has been the main theme in my direction so far. I am a strong believer in

You reap what you sow

Right after that, I wrote a post to set my mind clear, so I would not fall into a wish trap. And I started this blog again in 2017.

Let’s start with the blog review.

The Blog

To sow, I need to do things that will benefit others. Blogging is the easiest way to accomplish that. When started, I had all the fear that many have had when writing a blog

  • Fear of bad writing
  • Fear of no reader
  • Fear of someone laughing

Hell! you either step back or move forward. I chose the later.

2017 statistic

  1. 50 posts
  2. 1680 views
  3. Various topics: technical, personal development, leadership, …

I still remember the feeling when I looked at the page views every day, then every week. Not because I wanted to be popular, but because it gave me a special feeling. And that feeling brought me the courage to write more. It is a good loop.

The sowing process in blogging is good. I will keep going. By writing, it both helps me and others, a perfect win-win scenario.

The Mind

I have read 11 books completely, and 7 in progress.

2017 Reading on Goodreads
2017 Reading on Goodreads

Many of them are in English. A few are in Vietnamese. At home, I have my bookshelves. Which allows me to read a couple of books.

Reading is a way of improving my mind, my understanding of life, my understanding of how things work.

On December, I managed to get my PSM 1 Certification.

The Body

I started to play badminton again, not frequently. At the same time, I practice Tai Chi in the morning. I just started on the Tai Chi with a desire to improve my health.

However, I have not fixed my health problems:

  1. My stomach
  2. The endurance

They are the main improvements I will take seriously in 2018. I will write about them soon when the time comes. I have started that process and I am pretty sure that I have found a good solution. I just need the willpower and discipline.

The Work and Accomplishments

2016, I worked 2284 hours. 2017, I worked 2093 hours. I do not aim at working as many hours as possible. Rather, I want to focus on the value per hours. So the reduced amount is a good process. Of course, I have to make sure my income at an acceptable level. Sorry I cannot tell about income in a public blog post.

Accomplishments? There are some. Unfortunately, they are private. I want to keep them for myself.


Those are quick reviews of my 2017. By reviewing it this way, I am fully aware of how I spent a year. There is one very important pattern here.

  1. I start something at the beginning of the year
  2. I review at the end
  3. I see the progress

Of course, there are many unexpected things. There are bad things happened. Just accept them. That is how the life runs.

2018 has started. I have my own goals of what I want in this year, of how I want to spend the year.

Officially farewell 2017 from Thai Anh Duc. Thank you for your coming Mr. 2017.

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