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Desktop App with NHibernate

This should be super cool article about building Desktop App using NHibernate from Ayende Desktop App with NHibernate on MSDN Make sure you read it full and try to understand it before making such kind of application

Old book store website

Introduction story: Last night while i was talking with my little sister about her exercise: Making a website to sell old/unused book. She is studying business matter. Wow a good idea! Suddenly i came up with a site doing nearly the same thing. It is for Sharing books. Basically it is quite different since i …

Blog system – introduction

So far i have read many articles about web application development. So general speaking, i have tools in hand to build a website in no time with less effort. Just need to structure code and deal with business logic. Here are some: NHibernate: Deal with DataAccess layer and maybe more. AJAX data template , deal …

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