Just Finish It: JFI

I really like this term.


Watching some movies, especially about soldier, they usually take responsibility for what the upper asks them to do. They try to finish it, get it done no matter what happen, sometime they risk their life.

Going into Agile world, in development software, i have seen the “DONE”, pretty much the same meaning of JFI.

It makes me think of my life and others, what they have done, they said: I finish it, it is done, but in fact it does not.


Going down the street, how many constructions say they’re done? A lot, and nearly all. But look at the street, how does it look like after that?? Terrible.

Going into software development, given a task, how many things left after you said it is done? -> This one was from my experience.

So, what all those things mean? is it better if we develop a habit of getting something, a given task, things we are responsible for, done: JFI

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