MVP – Microsoft Vietnam Community

Last week, i had a change to take part in a community diner event, held by Microsoft Vietnam. It was so amazing. It was really a normal talk between us, which made us comfortable. It was the first meet of new Microsoft – related worker. The goal is to build up a community in Vietnam through the MVP – Most Valuable Professional program.

I knew this program for long time; however, i did not care about it for some reasons. Now, there is a program in Vietnam started by Microsoft Vietnam. I care. I want to be in this program.

I got a form to fill in and sent back to register. By doing that, i confirm that i will do more to get that MVP. Easy? No. Some ideas came in my mind:

  1. Need to move the blog to my own – Buy a new domain and host blog.
  2. Figure out what i should focus on – technical stuffs.
  3. Plan for community contributions.

Step by step.

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