Design and implement a template engine – part 1

Recently, I got a task which is typical in many systems: Template with merge fields. The common usage is for email.

Given that an employee is created, the system will notify the manager by email with template:

Dear Manager,

New employee {Name} has been created on {DateTime.Now}.

From the above statement, we have template with 2 merged fields: Employee Name and Created Date. There are some solutions. But I name the old way of doing it here for reference:

Replace merge fields using string.Replace or Regex.

You can imagine it and how to do it. Or you event did it some times.

A better approach: Take advantages of Razor Engine.

The template will be in razor syntax

Dear Manager,

New employee @Model.EmployeeName has been created on @DateTime.Now.ToString(“s”).

In the next post, I will discuss about implementation.

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