Mind, Body and Spirit

The only thing in this universe that we have control over is ourselves. Speaking another way, we have the full power on ourselves. For things to change you have to change yourselves, people said.

Yeah! I know I have full power on me. I have to change me (I wrote me on purpose). But, what exactly should I change/improve/focus on? How do I get started? To get started, we need more concrete detail than a general statement.

I am pretty sure that many people have heard about that statement. However, they have not still made any progress on their life. Why? Maybe, yes just maybe, they have not had a clear idea of what it means, what they should start with. Therefore, they might choose to know and let it go as any other events in life.

Since I have started a new journey of Personal Development (sometimes I called it Personal Excellent) some years ago (around 3 years). I have read books about the topic, applied and experienced in my daily life. I have made a good progress. Which encourages me to try more, experience more and as a result, share more. Sharing is a part of Personal Development.

A human being has 3 parts: Spirit, Mind and Body. They are all equally important. Do not neglect any.

I am sure there are books talking in detail about them. However, I choose to explain them in the way it makes sense to me; in the way I understand them.


It is our mental assets. Everyone has their own relationships. We have parents, children, spouse, friends, coworkers, classmates, … Some people have plenty of good ones. Whereas some have a few or none.

To leave a good life, we have to built up our mental assets. As any other asset, mental asset can come and go if we do not build/protect it. I have a few suggestions

  1. Assert your current relationships. Simply write them down will make a huge impact on your thinking. Not believe me? Try it.
  2. Priority the relationships that you value most.
  3. Focus on improving them. Sometimes a phone call might help.

There are things that make us feel better such as favorite songs, movies, …

It is our attitude on life. Some looks at life with an anger eye. For some people, everything is so annoying. They hate everything. They have a pessimistic opinion. But, there are people who see life joyful. Every event is a gift, no matter how bad it is.

You do not have to cheer for a sad event. You do not have to cry for a good event, either. Develop yourself to have the right attitude on each event.

Same event, different reactions, choice is yours.


It is our intelligent assets. It is our knowledge, our skills. Unfortunately, many people that I knew, spoke to do not care much about this (Yeah, maybe I have not met enough people).

My favorite question that I usually ask myself is “what have I learned since the last year?“. In any job interview, I asked candidate the same question. Sometimes, I felt one year was too short, I asked them: what have you learned since graduated from the university?. Not many said it fluently.

What have I learned since the last year?

Are you dare to ask yourselves that question?

You should have a plan for your mind. Otherwise, you will stay behind. We are leaving in a fast changing age. The information is on over the internet.

Some might say “I do not have time and money to learn.”

Oh really! Are you sure?


It is our health (not the body building part 😛 ). It is not the good looking appearance (of course if it is good, then perfect). With the fast growing of internet, mobile devices, IoT, everyone seems too busy.

I do not have time to exercise“, they claimed. If a 70 years old, laying on the bed (or hospital) says it, I believe.

We can build up our Spirit, improve our Mind anytime. But we cannot do the same with Body. The body has time constraint. Therefore, you cannot delay it for tomorrow. If you delay it too long, you will reach “I do not have time” soon. In other word, it is too late.

Suggestion? Yes. Do whatever it takes to build a habit of improving your Body (the health) NOW. Keyword is NOW.


Everyone is unique. Each has their own life, their own way of living. If we choose to think that we are victims of circumstances, then we have no power to improve. But if we choose to think that a human being has 3 parts Spirit, Mind and Body; and we have full power on them, that we can control and improve them; we will make a huge difference on our life. In fact, circumstance is the result of our actions. You reap what you sow.

Spirit, Mind and Body! I hope the post will give your some ideas to think over the weekend and get you started if you choose to. Once you choose to do it, you will find out how to do easily.

Have a nice weekend!

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