Street Marketer

I have a habit of drinking coffee after having lunch; particularly on the street. It is cheap but the quality is not bad. Another reason is that I can watch people around there. I have paid attention on a man selling a cheap, normal cake which is made of powder and coconut. One costs you 2.000 VND. Can you imagine how much money he can earn in one day? He earns more than 500.000 VND per day. So impressive! Suddenly I think of people who work in the office; where I am working. How many people there can earn more than 500.000 VND per day in term of salary? Not many!

I have not eaten it yet; however I can make a guess about why he can sell so many cakes per day. First, he has chosen the right place. It is nearby the big office; there are so many people  working there. They have a habit of buying something after lunch and take them to the office to eat at later noon. Second, the price is so cheap; since the materials are simple and cheap. Everyone can afford at least one. If one does not like it, it is not a big deal with the amount of money spent.

It is time to come with the comparison between being an officer and street marketer. Usually one takes lots of time and money to be an officer. And being a street marketer as I mentioned takes no time. Not really true, but it takes just a little time. However, as you see, the ROI is opposite.

Wow, so great! I want to become a street marketer. Are you sure? I have not talked about disadvantages yet. Some of them are: working environment, unstable, no salary on retirement …

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